To think, Old MacDonald Had a Farm, GI, GI Joe

The 1% of 1%, we don’t see the world in geographic political boundaries.

Of course, as you know, we pretend the boundaries exist, telling you stuff like “Look out for that country over there — it’s against us this year,” and “Our strategic partnership with these countries is the only thing keeping your economic livelihood stable.”

Now that more than 50% of our species lives in sub/urban areas, “free” of the bind to land-based [subsistence] living, you are all our virtual slaves, depending on our virtual chess game results to tell you what to do next.

Two steps forward, one step to the left/right, please.

And then, as previous chapters have told you, there is the Committee, which also manages the lives of the 1% of the 1%.

Finally, there is the universe itself, spinning off little eddies of atoms and molecules that collect and replicate their patterns.

You should have in your thought patterns by now the full understanding that the universe as we know it is simply revealed by a 360-degree searchlight from the point of our planet/solar system, reaching a finite boundary and creating the illusion of a symmetrical sphere in which we are the center.

Feel free to comprehend our ignorance, vast as it is and will continue to be, ad infinitum.

There is just so much that I, the individual, can bother to talk about here while supervising the construction of the interwebs of interwebs tying you to your personal supercomputers tied to everyone else’s supercomputers tied, as if all of that is a single node, to the Internet of the Next Big Things to Come.

So, to me, all military actions, no matter how we label them in nationalistic or terror group or lone wolf terms, are all one.

For instance, I don’t see an Iranian nuclear scientist killed by the CIA or Mossad.  I see us managing to control ourselves by killing ourselves.

Same for sports and other categories of diverting ourselves from our primary tasks of eating and breathing.

Let us move on to more important matters.

Details in the next chapter of the story of our lives seen from the vantage point of 1000 years from now.

Happiness and humour — share them endlessly.