Using austerity measures to weed out the weak links of a local economy to improve competitive global trade

In the religion we call the New World Order — the global marketplace, that is — adherents require the uninitiated to follow the same commandments regardless of their nonbeliefs:

  1. You will worship money above all other gods.
  2. Retail shopping therapy is your only path to happiness, unless you are the wholesaler whose happiness is derived from the profit of retail sales.
  3. Lack of faith in personal/corporate accumulation of wealth is the primary sin.
  4. Corporate welfare programs are a blessing upon the people; social welfare programs are devilish.
  5. Taxes, tariffs and fees are the ultimate evil inflicted by the worst form of human organisation ever devised — government.
  6. Austerity is a gift for the meek and weak dependents who have no faith in personal accumulation of wealth.
  7. Profits are a sign of true faith.
  8. Any impediment of the flow of goods, services and/or money is punishable by public humiliation, social banishment, and/or death.
  9. Fear of economic failure is lack of faith.
  10. Love of financial success gives eternal life.

In Europe, especially, we will continue to impose austerity hardships until morale improves and people break their dependencies upon government programs of social welfare as they find their faith in the only real religion available to all of us in any part of Earth — the New World Order of the Network, the Nodes be praised — enlightenment giving them the impetus to start their own businesses, investing the profit in the marketplace of the strong and efficient who may personally choose to support the meek and weak themselves rather than be forced to fund government support of the unprofitable meek and weak.