While the LSU and Alabama [semipro] college football teams prepare to battle for a win in Snooze Fest 2.0 (aka the BCS National Football Championship (at least it’s not named a “World” title in usual American fashion)), rumour has it that the creators/financiers of the film “Drag0nheart” have settled for 50% of all earnings, both past and future, from the estate of J.K Rowling and the creators/financiers of the Harry Potter films and associated merchandising/memorabilia for obvious ripoffs of Dragonheart’s storyline and characters.

Iran denies it has the strength of China behind it in threatening to close down Hormuz and the U.S. denies that the people onboard the ship they rescued from pirates were high-ranked members of the Iranian government seeking to escape from a country getting choked on its own oil reserves and hoping to get their hands on offshore bank accounts.

Meanwhile, the people of Bolivia have expressed strong interest in swapping places with the people of Belize and the people of New Zealand have expressed an even stronger interest in not swapping places with the people of Australia.

Miners and other of the extracting persuasion are happy to give up their operations in the bitter cold of Antarctica in exchange for developing a pipeline of extraction in the area commonly known as the country of Afghanistan.

Kurds eating their curds and whey are on their way there, too, tired of dealing with the genocidal maniacs who claim allegiance to a political entity called Turkey (which, incidentally, is full of turkey and well-stuffed with good Armenian cooks…cooked stories about Armenian natural disappearances, that is).

And no, these two news items are not related, aren’t they?¬† [where’s a good triple-negative when you need one?]:

A nod to Ada Byron and the women of ENIAC, brainiacs who changed the world.