Erlebe. Entdecke. Teile.

Und lass uns wissen, wie es dir gefällt…

I guess it’s time to move back out 1000 years from now, when the reverberant effect of the Montana Freemen (not Morgan Freeman) and the “overreaching power” of Janet Reno (not Reno 911) repeat themselves ad nauseum.

As will undoubtedly play out, larger and larger groups will form to counter the perceived threat against a way of life that is neither here nor there.

Will it just be another fringe group effect, with a few people willing to die for their beliefs or, if the economy sours further, will a coalition build that has momentum bigger than the forces necessary to stop smallscale uprisings?

Little did I ever realise that I would be able to move into an area of life that is seemingly above and beyond all local calls for action.

I defend life itself, regardless of temporal politics.

My goals are to maintain a storyline that is outside one species or even one world.

Even so, I can entertain myself along the way, move a few chess pieces and watch the pond waves scatter.

Observe archetypes listening to clandestine MP3s and homemade DVDs in public carparks in preparation for personal war while legally amassing armaments and getting quartermasters to turn the other way.

It’s much more exciting to let an armed populace battle itself (e.g., Syria) than get wrapped up in an imaginary battleground of multiplayer online games.

Where is the storyline leading us today?

Hier ist dein Bamboo.

Draw me a tale, if not a tail.  Create a comic, if not a comic.  Package a graphic novel within a graphic novel with novel graphics.

When the pen and the sword are equal, the fun begins.

We don’t need alien attacks or Andromeda strains to enrich the plot.

We might as well have urban clubs where people buy fresh cadavers for the main course at dinnertime than the rare serial killer cannibal in bestseller lists.

Reality is much more interesting.

Pull my leash, it’s time to take me for a walk…