Paper wasps and horse flies

Always the hopeful romantic

I know I’ll see you soon,

But never soon enough;

I’ll listen to your voice,

Although my hearing interferes with hearing your words;

I’ll wish away the hours and days

Pining for another quiet moment alone with you.

Always hopeful,

Sitting here in the summer heat,

Perspiration trickling down my spine,

Well past my daylight sleep time,

These words a placemark holding our thoughts,

Anticipation of being with you again

Holding my eyes open briefly

As I walk through mental schedules,

Ensuring personal time with you 

Keeps the big picture taking shape

As mentors step away

To play with motorboats dressed in summer attire.

The muggy atmosphere envelopes me

Wishing I had some good ice right now

(You know, those little pieces of ice,

Not the big kind with sharp edges…).

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