Freedom of thought, freedom of action

In this blog space and elsewhere in social media, I ensure my satire parallels the nonelectronic physical world as much as possible, giving readers the illusion it is all one.

In fact, I am just one person who doesn’t understand what is going on except by modeling the various possibilities, the variety of ways, this set of states of energy can interact with the rest of the universe, turning it all — happiness, sadness, anger, fear — into subtle satirical images.

Now, I am at a resting place in my thoughts.

I am free of the urge to act, feeling no compulsion, no obligation to move in any one direction.

Not numb but no pain, either.

Not perplexed or troubled.

Not even curious what’s next.

Surely, I will find or create a new storyline.

And if I don’t?

Well, being alive and relatively healthy ain’t so bad.

I define me.

I complete me.

Summer is here, my spring fever ebbs, no seasonal affective disorder, the dog days of summer kept at bay by a wave of cool weather.

I am not happy.

I am not sad.

I am not anything except me, pulled back in to my personal space for now.

I am.

I am not Groot! 😉

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