I woke up this morning,
The smell of your hair shampoo lingering in my nostrils,
That scent which mixes with our sweaty bodies
After dancing for an hour and I kiss your forehead.

I see your glistening face looking up at mine
When you’ve fallen because I’m not always the best dancer,
Losing my grip in order to complete a spin or turn.

This taste of cigarettes on your lips lingers in my moustache,
Our kisses drunkenly misplaced between dances.

We moved the world last night.

Yes, you and I.



Our skills include dancing,
But we also know sawing, drilling, sewing, hammering, cutting,
Words, of course, with double meaning,
Words which become memes instantly,
Words we understand in the loving look only you and I share,
In the funny looks we shared when we were alone together on my birthday.

Never say you’re empty inside
Because I’m always there,
Laughing with you,
Sharing jokes, but,
When you fall,
There to pick you up again and keep dancing.

I’ll catch you this time, next time, you want to run into arms.
Everytime you do, I don’t want to let go.

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