Storm front

One of my favourite moments sitting outside — listening to rain fall, watching lightning flash.

When I was a kid, I leaned against the house under cover of the front porch and enjoyed the smell of fresh rain.

Grass and flowers filled my nostrils with their strong scents.

Rain on a tin, plastic or glass roof soothes me, like rubbing a warm salve into my shoulders, easing the day’s tension, calming my thoughts.

Sitting in my SUV, ready to go inside and watch a dance showcase at a local studio celebrating its 10th anniversary, I let the sound of rain on the car body wash over my thoughts, almost putting me to sleep, but suddenly a blinding flash and CR-R-ACK! wakes me up again.

I wonder next where to focus my storytelling, how to place my humour in a visual medium like online video.

I have an idea but it will necessitate building some props to test my Maker skill chops!

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