Standing on one foot in meditation

Because no “I” exists, all realities are possible.

I know nothing, in other words.

Tonight, I stood on the driveway after sweeping it clear of tree seed pods and looked up.

A satellite traveling east.

A firefly flashing its body.

A bat eating dinner.

Tree frogs croaking and chirping.

One cricket.

Cars passing by.

And I thought of you.

You know I have stood here on this part of the planet and looked up at the night sky, thinking only of you.

For years.

And written of you, for you, to you, about you.

Today is Monday, that day long ago I promised us, not in words, not in actions, but in that first look we shared.

Today is Monday.

I stood next to you.

We didn’t say a word to each other.

We didn’t have to.

We had already prepared for this moment, knew what we were going to say to each other, spoken our own language, saw what we said, what we’ve shared, in the people who stood around us.

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

I don’t have to.

Because I already know it will always bring me closer to you.

Even if I don’t exist.

Because in every reality, we exist.

It is the secret language we share with everyone else, the equation that points out we are all connected.

And always will be.

One thought on “Standing on one foot in meditation

  1. Although we can only go forward; we make our history with each decision reached. I wish you well on your journey and pray you make the best decisions possible so your history will be pleasing to you. God bless.

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