The Interregnum

1st May.

May the 1st.

May Day.

The very, merry month of May.

The next story chapter rises to a boil in my thoughts, almost ready to be served.

Pulling back into one’s self, not for temporary refuge this time but to practice mental mapping of the future, projecting the pebble’s rippled path through spacetime, feeling its smooth surface with fingers, knowing it is bumpy at a lower perception level.

In doing so, using the pulsating rhythm of tinnitus as a mantra or prayer loop, combining the best of all subcultures needed for this moment, taking the worst into consideration, then eliminating all societal labels to see the simple sets of states of energy interacting, understanding the chemical/physical attraction models at work.

Then, hearing the pain of loss, of forgottenness, of friends in need, managing one’s time to give every person one knows as much attention and love as possible.

A phrase rises in one’s thoughts: “What about me?”

It is no longer about me.

Although I am the constant factor in the story of my life, “I” is that artificial construct, the conundrum of which came first, me or the universe?

The universe as I know it cannot exist without me.

But if we all believe the same thing, no matter how we word or think it, then we get onto the philosophical track of subjective vs. objective universe.

Sure, we create our own universe, giving meaning to straight sticks of wood and calling them rulers, batons, studs, decking, clubs, pointers, back scratchers.

Subjectively, the universe is here to meet my needs and wants.

Objectively, I am part of the universe, indistinguishable from a tree or asteroid.

At the start of this complete revolution of the spherical dense set of states of energy we call a planet, facing the star for half a revolution, this period of time we call the morning, I manage my ability to love unconditionally, giving myself to as many people as I can individually and in small groups, on the road, in the workplace, at feeding stations/restaurants and at afterwork gatherings.

I give myself, sometimes too much in a small space of time but always, eventually, finding a way to reenergise.

Starting with this blog…

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