Sweeping the driveway

Lee concentrated on a scene he remembered 400 marsyears before, in a moment before his life changed tracks.  He recalled notes he’d written to his future self on a sol like this, timeless retransmission of information…

Although I was raised Presbyterian, I identify most closely with a meditation practice that resembles a cross pollination form of Tao/Zen Buddhism.

A popular phrase is mindful meditation.

What does it mean, exactly?

Sometimes writing here.

Sometimes sitting outside watching the stars pop out at dusk.

Sometimes designing and assembling an electronic gizmo.

Sometimes dancing.

Sometimes talking with friends.

Sometimes sleeping with the cat at my feet.

And sometimes sweeping the driveway with a small broom.

My ideal home would be a small one- or two-bedroom house facing the street with a backyard meditation garden walled in by portable tiny houses, forming a square. The repetitive nature of the identical tiny houses (with their own bedrooms and kitchens), parallel or perpendicular to each other, allows one to see the world from a different perspective but at the same domicile in approximately the same location, meditating upon oneness and separateness simultaneously, the meditation garden serving multiple purposes, as needed.

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