Extra pack of batteries included

For the first time, they stood together, staring at the Martian landscape.

Xonvart, Shelmi, Lysal, Guin and Lee, together again for the very first time.

But there were new faces, faces who had teamed up to get the ball rolling. Raubine, Magdalena, Dranmoy, Nats…

Teams mesh, grow stronger, create powers from their collective consciousness, show each other that perceived flaws are illusions, Laugh, Cry, Fart, Burp, tell really bad jokes together. Everything!


Lee looked from one friend to another, wondering…

When, if there was a when, when was the exact moment that the combined energy of the team gave them Synergy?

How did they go from their childhood dreams of Great Adventures, pass through Growing Pains, stretch their way from Extraordinary to Ordinary, back to Extraordinary, and end up here?

It was in the moment when they knew they didn’t always have to be happy to be successful.

It was when they were themselves, every day, all the time.

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