Vinca major

Raubine hadn’t been to dance class in weeks. Ed enlisted her to recruit new members for Ursa Major and she wholeheartedly embraced the challenge, which oddly enough kept her away from regularly seeing the progress of her recruits on the dance floor.

There were a lot of lonely people in her community, people who filled their loneliness with TV binge watching and social media following.

Not all lonely want attention or to actively participate in physical activities.

Not at first.

Raubine had known loneliness after her first divorce and didn’t know what to do.

She was an introvert, despite success in sales.

She felt like people always wanted to know about her when she liked keeping her personal life private.

When she shared this with others she met online, sensing the ones with little social contact, they opened up to her.

That’s all Ursa Major was about, she told them, a big bear hug of love for each other.

Raubine had never met Mama Bear but she knew enough about her to understand how a woman so different, who literally looked like a hairy brown bear, woild naturally want to avoid public ridicule while at the same time establish close personal ties with people across the globe.

Raubine slid out the driver’s seat just as a cabbage butterfly meanders over her head.

Even in these days of online shopping and B2B just-in-time parts ordering systems, many companies wanted face-to-face meetings to close large sales transactions.

Raubine specialised as a facilitator.

The butterfly hovered over a periwinkle bloom.

Raubine flipped through her mental memories.

“Which one is the annual version of periwinkle, Vinca major or Vinca minor?”

The comedian in her thoughts responded, “Pliny the Elder.”

Truly an inside joke.

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