Jazz ‘n’ Jewelry 

Nosaj started the song.

“Uh one, uh two, three four.’

As soon the band started playing, the dancers jumped back on their heels, bouncing Lindy Hop steps as Andielle sang an old 1930s tune.

Or was it a jazz version of a Song from Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

The band member with coconuts and washboard gave it away.

Years before Nosaj and his trusty sidekick, Andielle, had taught Lee and Karen their very first professional lesson in Charleston.

At that time, Andielle wore a folded scarf around her neck inside which two sugar gliders lived during Andi’s dance classes.

She never actually claimed the sugar gliders were communicating with her telepathically but her teaching skills tripled every time she wore the sugar gliders.

The trombone player started a riff that hinted at a theme song from Lord of the Rings.

In walked Kitrpac, a second generation Haitian, dragging his life companion and two understudies with him.

He eyed Nosaj across the street.

They nodded.

Lylas’ phone beeped. It was Guin. “On my way.”

Although they had known each for years, they did not know they worked together, albeit for different organisations, to complete plans for ISSA, the Inner Solar System Alliance. 

The dance music continued.

Slowly, individually and in groups, Nosaj and Andielle assembled the Huntsville organising committee for North Alabama, also known as “Illegally Parked Cars,” an inside joke about too many human shuttles vying for a spot to park at the International Space Station.

Shelmi and Geoff saved seats for all!

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