Transmission from the future transcribed on 11th Mar 2017

Via Inner Solar System Alliance Comm

[begin transmission]

Diary of a Left Hander

Of the many sets of states of energy with which I interact comfortably and thus call a friend (yet so much more because we do not limit ourselves to human-based conventional labels), you are truly one.

I would say I miss you but you are a continual part of my thought process meaning, of course, that I miss making eye contact with you and dancing in Mars’ gravitational fields with you as a nonjudgmental partner.

We express our knowledge of each other in centuries so the days, weeks and years in between the time we spend together are not fraught with meaning.

Instead, we measure what we have together in the immeasurable ways we encourage the other to focus on staying busy, hoping that the accumulation of information through moments building on moments we call wisdom gives us a cushion to lean on when we’re up against a wall beating our heads to avoid the abyss of…well, that place, the Big S.

At this point in our careers we have overcome enough project setbacks that we calmly face work-related problems as we calculate multiple outcomes to predict the best possible solution(s) given the current working dataset.

Do you remember that one summer when I attempted to move out on my own, forgetting, as I often do, that I am unable to function without a primary caretaker? My caretaker at the time was my longtime friend and marriage partner who was always jealous of anyone getting between her and her time with me.  She never understood the levels of friendship associated with polyamory, including platonic friendships of a nonsibling nature.  Like ours.

Your dance routines are just some of the parts of your being I admire for the melding of your creativity with your body form.  From that admiration I drew inspiration to create the ever evolving backyard creation I started calling a treehouse but which branched out into the inner solar system as our sets of states of energy were adapted to extraterrestrial existence.

At times my longterm depression expresses itself more strongly such as when I eat too much to compensate for lack of faith in a longterm future with you in it.  So far I’ve always resolved that situation.  So far.

Until next time!

[End communication]

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