In Search Of…

In my pocket sits the letter, or book chapter, titled “Diary of a Lefthander.”

A tufted titmouse calls out from the branches of a bush whose common/Latin name I can no longer remember — evergreen with thorns and orange berries in late autumn — reminds me of the word pachysandra and looks like cotoneaster, but taller and spindlier. [Google search identified it as pyracantha, yea for search engine technology when my portable memory (a/k/a my wife) is not around.]

I sit in the garage, uncomfortably seated in a folding chair emblazoned with the orange and white colour scheme of the University of Tennessee, with requisite pocket for a drink in an arm of the chair.

A 16GB SD card is plugged into the notebook PC on which I write these notes, containing many snapshots of the plastic chair in the treehouse toward which the trailcam is pointed, capturing also images of squirrels.

I would include one of the images here but this free blog has reached its 3GB image storage capacity and I don’t want to pay for more.

None of the images are particularly viral but it is funny to see the squirrel on the chair.  There’s also a fuzzy furry image of something big in the treehouse, its body pressed up against the trailcam…could just be the squirrel, and probably is, considering we don’t have much more treeclimbers of the sort that look like squirrel fur/eyeball up close.

I’ve always worried that I am boring so I’ve created many ways to entertain people, getting bored myself when a particular character I’m portraying attracts too many of the same kind of people so lately I’ve tried to cultivate a character people dislike (modeling in part on a certain self-centered politician (isn’t that redundant?)) to see if it attracts any fans.

It has and not the kind I want, either.

Too bad for I was just getting to like the new character.

What is next for me, then?

I still believe in Earth-based life on Mars like so many other people, both interesting and boring.

We don’t know with complete certainty which of the 8+ billion humans on/around Earth will make the difference in  declaring the success of Mars colonisation by 6th May 2050 so I can’t write off any one person, subculture, population, planet.

Excuse me or am I the only one who thinks the millipedes around here keep getting bigger and bigger?

I walked through our wooded yard earlier today, noting the blooms of spring beauty, white star grass, scorpion weed, yellow trout lily, trillium; early sprouts of mayapple, deciduous holly, and unidentified trees.

A Carolina wren calls out from the branches of a burning bush, highlighted by the bright pink blooms of a Japanese redbud.  In the distance, another wren returns the call.

Strips of shagbark hickory hang down from a gray stalk growing upwards tens of feet to the forest canopy.

The twisted trunk of a decades-old wisteria holds a maple tree in suspended bent shape as if defying gravity.

Lacewings, crane flies, bumblebees and wasps occupy my gaze occasionally.

The beep of a computer reminder to install a new version of Java reminds me that it’s time to get ready to go to work to collect freshly donated whole blood for processing and delivery to patients in need of blood products at our local hospitals.

Perhaps I will type up “Diary of a Lefthander” later this week…

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