What is a god?

One of the fortuitous moments in my life occurred when I realised I am my own source of self-fulfillment, that, as a set of states of energy in this spacetime continuum, I, although an artificial construct, or because of it, bounce within the local framework as I wish, knowing that others desire to direct my path to their energy-enhancing benefit.

All labels become moot points.

This set of states of energy will disperse soon enough.

Throbbing migraine headaches and sound blindness on my left side will end with my end — what I make of them in the meantime is my choice.

Depressive suicidal thoughts are mine to nurture or forget as soon as they’re thought. 

I am a quiet, private person who likes to write about what he observes within his tiny framework, his points of reference he uses to understand what/who he is.

I need not much more, plenty less than what I have, especially the comparison of others’ lives/thoughts to mine.

A day to drop Facebook off my daily to-do list and stay focused on happy ol’ me!

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