Back when kids asked about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…

Oh, we oldtimers remember our Norton days and fondly sigh…kids constantly asking if we had seen the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…

Back in mid-March 1991, Rick Winkler, Adam Fischler and I met in Harrisburg, PA, to install sewer flow monitors in the capital city of Pennsylvania.

I decided we had to photograph our adventure…


Me, “Mr. Snappy Camera,” reflected in the work van side mirrors.

Harrisburg in late winter is fantastic.  The Susquehanna River was superb.  The streets and back streets were fun to explore on the way to the “office.”

ADS-RickH-in-sewer-06 ADS-RickH-in-sewer-07 ADS-RickH-in-sewer-19

 ADS-RickH-in-sewer-10 ADS-RickH-in-sewer-17 ADS-RickH-in-sewer-18


Looks like a church but was actually a barn. The barns in Pennsylvania were often stone and seemed as ancient as castles in Ireland.

But before we left the hotel, we had to organise our office supplies…


ADS-RickH-in-sewer-09 ADS-RickH-in-sewer-11

Finally, we arrived at the “office,” donned our sewer-descending gear and went to work…


Yes, I am sticking out of a hole where I had to explore a chamber with no surface manhole!

ADS-RickH-in-sewer-03 ADS-RickH-in-sewer-04 ADS-RickH-in-sewer-08 ADS-RickH-in-sewer-13 ADS-RickH-in-sewer-05 ADS-RickH-in-sewer-14

Sorry, kids, we saw lots of roaches, a few rats, one or two snakes but no turtles.

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