As I backed my back looking for backup in the backyard to back down…I’ll be right back

My Earth roots call me and when they do I give them full attention to avoid the remorse and regret that might creep into my thoughts when I bounding across the surface of Mars on a mission, alone with my gear but connected to the ever-present local overlay of the universe we shall call the ISSA Net (Inner Solar System Alliance Network).

Most recently, the Earth roots look like an acronym called the TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a supranational organisation that, similar to the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) Financial Services Annex, serves as a nongovernmental body.

Given that I sit in the rectangular box-shaped architectural feature called a living room in which a 39-inch Emerson HDTV plays light classical music sent by the Charter Communications cable TV service through a Cisco Explorer digital cable TV converter box while I sip blackened liquid called Donut Shop coffee heated and dispensed from a Keurig coffee machine and type this blog entry on an Apple iPad (2nd generation), I am a corporate weenie, so take this blog entry with a grain of salt and a dose of tautological Möbius strip reality.

In my future, the concept of individual nations that are full of people who elect/select their leaders is passé.

Instead, people will often identify themselves with their tribal histories but they will live under the umbrella of a single fully-integrated global system, a seamless interchange of goods and services, with the requisite enforced laws and regulations to facilitate the interchange.

We will have the perceived freedom to not participate in that system, a freedom that few will exercise due to early indoctrination into the system, hooked on the chemical cues from conception, and verbal/visual cues from prebirth.

En masse, we will continue to transform this planet and flow with the transformational changes to the environment.

Meanwhile, a small group of people work on an escape plan, designing, testing and building the transportation devices that will carry life-supporting equipment off this planet.

The majority of the seven-plus billion of us and our ecosystems are serving that small group.

Thus, rather than an enemy, the TPP, TISA and similar organisations serve our extraterrestrial exploration plans.

Today is Friday, July 4th, 2014, according to the calendar on this tablet computer, many times more powerful than the computing system that powered the Apollo 11 Moon exploration spaceship, the day that a group of people, primarily Northern European men, declared independence from the rule of law governed by a monarchical leader in Great Britain during the 18th Century A.D.

We on Earth’s sister planet 200 marsyears from now will have vague memories of that event but it pales in comparison to the announcement of the first sol of operation for the Inner Solar System Alliance, an organisation not tied to one geographical feature or even one group of humans, but a consortium of sets of states of energy all created from components of this universe (terms such as human being, robot, cyborg, etc., will have fallen into disuse by then).

Be not afraid of the future.

Embrace change.

Celebrate your ancestry at the same time.

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