Controversy at the local hobbyist club level… [received via email]


Rocket City RC Newsletter Editor Resignation
June 27th, 2014


I’m tired of being sniped at by the selective enforcement of the RCRC rules by my “fellow” club officers.  This last incident today by one of my “fellow” club officers is the last straw. I thought we had this situation fixed, but I was apparently wrong.

I have tried to bring a different tone to the club but at this point it has become obvious that in the words of the immortal Ron White:  “You can’t fix stupid!”.

Speaking of immortal…  I request that you immediately remove the “Chuck Facemire” Memorial sign until such time that it is appropriate and then bring the subject of its replacement to the club for a vote.    If you look at the definition of “memorial” I think you’ll find that a “memorial”  is primarily meant to be a “tribute to the dead” or “to serve to preserve the memory of the dead.”  Since Chuck Facemire is still among the living it is inappropriate and improper to display this signage.  If this is not done in a reasonable time frame I will bring this to the attention of the City Parks and Recreation Director.

Enforcement of rules/laws:  While we are in the process of strictly enforcing rules let me also bring it to your attention that the City of Huntsville has a codified leash law “Section 5-44 Duty to Restrain”.  This law clearly states that any dog must be on a leash and under control unless said dog is on the owners property.  This law applies to the Capt.Trey Wilbourn Flying Park.

This city leash law has been, and continues to be ignored by the current and past RCRC Club officers.  I’d also like give notice to the RCRC membership to call Huntsville Animal Control at 256-883-3788 should they see this law being violated.  From the city parks and recreation director: “We recommend that you report these violations to our department dispatch, 256-883-3788. We will dispatch an Animal Service officer to talk with the pet owner.”

I would like my Newletter Editor successor to place the contents of this email, IN TOTO,  as notice to the membership of my resignation and reason therefore.

I wish you and RCRC all the best in the future.


Fred H.

PS:  Please have the next newsletter editor give me a call and make an appointment with me to handover the newsletter materials in my possession.

The Universe compels the soul to look upward, and leads us from this world to another.


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