Blatant endorsement, no compensation

Surprised is a good word, especially with electronics.

I washed my woodsman brown pants yesterday, forgetting to check the lower pocket which conveniently holds the smartphone.

A great big nod of thanks to the R&D department at Samsung.

My Galaxy S3 smartphone survived the “heavy soil” cycle in our Maytag frontload clothes washing machine.

It rebooted after I shook out water but the screen wouldn’t come on.

The screen came on after I removed protective rubber case, popped off the back cover, removed the battery and let the parts dry for an hour; however, the touchscreen function didn’t work.

My wife suggested putting the phone and battery in a bag of rice.

The glutenous plan worked.

I blew out the rice dust, reinserted the battery, popped the cover back on and all seems well so far. The touchscreen function is more sensitive than ever!

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