More great news!

Mr. Dumser just posted a thank-you letter for Maker Bot 3D Printer for CSDHS:

“Thank you once again for your donation to Community School of Davidson’s 3D printing program.

The donation of the Makerbot 3D printer has generated a great deal of interest in 3D printing in our school. Since we are a high school, this printer is a pivotal piece of technology that has enabled us to offer a brand new curriculum next year for our students. In the 2014-2015 school year we will be offering a 3D printing/ rendering class.

Students are very excited about this new technology. We unveiled the printer during the grand opening/ribbon cutting of our new arts wing that was completed this year. The printer alone drew crowds of inquiring and excited parents and students. Many of our middle school students have even expressed interest and the future of the program looks very bright.

The goal for this project going forward is to enable our students to become proficient in the use of design software and manage their own end product development taking it through the printing stage. This is a very exciting time for us and your donation helped to make this all possible.

With gratitude,
Mr. Dumser”

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