Historical perspective, the continuing saga

I select hot button issue words with care because my happiness depends on living in the future that benefits me hundreds of years from now.  Any words I choose had better be effective now as well as then.

While I weigh my options for the future, I ask what happens when we write articles about our species becoming a de facto fascist global unit, did we actually see the signs as we passed by them on the way to the dystopian technofuture of Fahrenheit 451?

Who is coining the currency that pulls us away from the monopoly of a society we facetiously call the Singularity?

Are we too afraid to call out the emperour’s new clothes?  If not, and we are calling them out, is anyone paying attention?

If we are throwing out magician’s misdirection tricks at each other in such rapid succession that we can’t see what we’re doing, what matters?

I accept the fact we are changing the pace of biological change to our planet like a mass of comet strikes sweeping across the globe.  We are definitely taking a risk with the eggs in our virtual basket of Earth, which drives me to push us, convince us that extraplanetary exploration is not enough, that we must and we shall establish viable colonies off-Earth.

In the meantime, I live the life I live, accumulating a house full of items that may or may not be useful anymore, at least to me, but has a value, if only as items of nostalgia, filling a rubbish bin once a week with more wasteful packaging than food waste.

Today is the last day of rest, the last day of the end of 2013/start of 2014 holiday, the fifth sol of Marsyear One.

Tomorrow, there are no more days, only sols.  All sols.

Tomorrow, my thoughts live on Mars.

Tonight, I rest.

Sleep well, my friends.  We have 13270 sols to go.

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