Designed on Mars, Manufactured on Earth

I am a humble person but not selfless.

How do I reach the point of selfless service for not only my species but also Earth-based lifeforms?

The answer, in this case, is easy — serve others before serving myself.

I reduce the size of the self, this “I,” until me is nearly pointless.

One way is to return to Lee and his friends on Mars in the future, leave the present behind, show where life will be when we live offworld.

That way, I avoid the temptation to talk about subjects of which I have limited knowledge and no expertise.

Tomorrow, my wife and I will attend a showing of the Living Christmas Tree, with special guest Committed, an a cappella group that won the Sing Off reality TV show a few seasons ago.  Reminds me once again when my wife and I saw Boys II Men Take 6 in the same concert with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, going from a cappella to instrumental in the same evening on stage at UAB campus many years ago.

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