Ghosts of concerts past


I’ve only performed in a few venues so my chances of hearing some of my favourite performers in the same venue as mine is next door to mission improbably possible.

Tonight, the planet’s aligned just right.

I sit with my wife watching Robert McDuffie, his sister Margery, and performers from around the world who play in the Robert McDuffie Center for Strings Orchestra.

What joy!

I forget how enjoyable watching the piano playing of his sister shows on Robert’s face, who seems to feel the musical sounds resonating the depths of his being.

A special nod to the violinist Shinjung Lee for her duet with Robert with piano accompaniment by Margery on Pablo de Sarasate’s “Navarra, Op. 33”.

Time to sit back after the intermission and enjoy Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

A couple of decades ago I sang in the choir that performed Faure’s Requiem in this same location, the medieval Gothic cathedral sanctuary of Trinity United Methodist Church in Huntsville, Alabama.

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