The sociopsychological politics of dancing

My wife felt threatened a few months ago when two women from whom we had taken dance lessons expressed interest in becoming dance partners with me in out-of-town competitions.

I assured her that my only interest in dancing was a social exercise program for her and me together because neither one of us found interest in going to local gym clubs by ourselves.

However, as a people pleaser, I felt compelled to want to find dance partners for the two dance instructors, especially since they had complimented my ego by asking to be my dance partner.

There is an old saying that if you want to make a man or woman look more attractive, first make their mates more appealing — jealousy/envy works wonders on the psyche.

Thus, I found a male friend at a dance event who told me I was destined to be one of the dance instructor’s partner and planted a seed by telling him no, not me, but he would be the dance partner.

Next, I flirted and danced with his wife in front of him and others in the dance community.

Finally, I told him and everyone I could what a great dancer he is.

The investment has paid off. He is now a dance partner with one of the dance instructors.

When I can find a longterm dance partner for the other instructor I will have shown my wife that despite the instantaneous fun I enjoyed in the moment while on the dance floor with other women, dancing was never my first choice for healthy exercise.

I had long ago decided my highest form of happiness is the life right here as the quiet, remote hermit who can meditate upon the meaninglessness of random interactions between plants, animals and weather on an obscure planet in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Hiking in the woods in daylight and/or starlight is my greatest happiness followed by recording my satirical observations of our species.

Hmm…where shall I find a superb dance partner for the other instructor who is at the top of her field and a steady source of income for her that doesn’t depend much on my wife and me to completely alleviate my wife’s concerns about future pressure on our social life?

Time to finish building a cabinet for my wife’s papercraft business and then work on my next satirical stop-action animation!

Thanks to Jenn at Madison Ballroom; Jenn, Naomi, Mandy and sushi chef at Club Rush; Bree at Michael’s.

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