The U.S. military announced the results of the first exoskeleton-assisted intermilitary football tournament.

By the close score of 17-16, the U.S. Army triumphed over the U.S. Navy in the championship game.  The U.S. Coast Guard took third place while the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Air Force wanted a rematch to determine fourth place.

Several of the players, some missing limbs, some paraplegic and even one quadriplegic, were honoured at the end of the tournament for their prowess and athletic skill, demonstrating their cybernetic skills acquired through many long hours of tough training.

Meanwhile, the CIA, FBI and other members of the intelligence community announced their own version of the games.

Police, fire and rescue units around the country have expressed interest in hosting the next tournament, requesting a few slots for their “best of the best” to compete.

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