Sadness and madness…


As the desktop interactive art sculpture takes shape, I pause to send more positive thoughts and prayers to our Robot Hacks teammate/friend, Jenn, and to her family also upon news that her father is no longer with us.

Dear, sweet Jenn: you were blessed with a wonderful father who gave you life.  While you grieve — and please take the time to let the grief crash over you like a rogue ocean wave, knocking you off your feet, with surprise waves catching you offguard for months that seem like they’ll never end — give room for happiness and sunshine to brighten your darkest moments in the cold depths of winter blues.

If I could take the pain away, I would, but I won’t because you are a human being, not a robot.

You are a superhero in a parallel universe 200 years from now, rescuing Mars settlements from disaster so as you reminisce with your siblings, dint forget you have a planet that depends on you!

I’ll dedicate our desktop art sculpture to your father — I hope you don’t mind.

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