Sailing away

Today, the Solar Sailplane Sailor Solicitors announced their plans for a new way to experience flight.

A helium balloon will quickly raise you and 15 of your closest mates to heights rarely attained, save by Red Bull Stratos daredevils, and then, as the balloon bursts, you will begin an around-[most part of]the-world flight in a solar-powered plane designed to gently carry you through stratospheric atmospheric conditions, landing you hundreds if not thousands of kilometers from your launch location.

Lunch will be served during the flight but water closet facilities will not be provided.  Please be prepared to account for this inconsistent discrepancy in travel comfort.

For those willing to spend a little less money but take on greater risk, we’re offering a one-time deal for you to participate in test flights, your return to Earth guaranteed but your bodily condition not.

Hurry!  Seating is limited!

NOTE: Due to the inherent danger involved, travel insurance is unavailable.  We highly recommend planning funeral arrangements in advance.

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