Great news! Repayment on microloan!

Hi Richard,

You’ve received a total of $6.25* in repayments on October 20, 2013!

Get all the details in your portfolio. For repayments on loans made with your own funds, repayments are returned to your Kiva account to keep, re-lend to another borrower, or donate to support Kiva’s operating costs.*

Please note that your current balance may be less than the total repaid to you because of purchases or withdrawals made recently.

Have questions? We’re happy to help

Loan repayments in the amount of $6.25 were made on a portion of a loan purchased with promotional credit, so this amount was not returned to your account as Kiva credit.

On behalf of all of our borrowers, thank you for lending on Kiva.

Best Wishes,
The Kiva Team

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