A friend asked…

A friend asked me, what does it mean if his wife is eying the women he desires more than he does?  Do women look at each other’s assets more than men and, if so, are they harbouring the same thoughts that hetero/bi/poly guys do?

Hey, I wish I had the answer to that question myself.

Some mysteries remain unsolved.

We’re all different — that’s all I know.

I know one woman who makes me jealous every time I see her dance with another man.  Growl!  Insanely jealous?  No.  Just jealous like a ravenous beast.  Roarrrr!

Time to shake my head clear of those thoughts and return to my yard art sculpture in progress.

One idea for Abi’s Halloween costume — a dress that lights up.

And for the other fantastically fun woman in my life?  Well, her creativity will find a way into a costume, I’m sure.

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