What is artful thinking?

Today, I held in my hand all of my life’s savings in one check (well, most of it, anyway) — millions and millions (of pennies, at least).

I walked into an office building and handed the check to a woman I’ve seen maybe five times in my life for a total of 10 or 15 minutes.

She kindly made a photocopy of the check and wrote my phone number down.

I turned and walked out of the office building.

What that an act of artful thinking?

Guess it’s time to start thinking ahead now that I’m fully into the second year of the second 50 years of my life, virtually penniless.

My second childhood is in full bloom.

Waaaah!  Smack me, Abi, I’m being a bad boy!  😉

Time to memorise some dance moves — my inexperienced description of them below —

lead’s point-of-view (thanks to Matt Auclair for putting them together with Abi):
  • Horse-and-cart whip
  • Left-side pass to stop her in basket position
  • Walk behind, pass her right side, stop in front, turned to the side
  • Left-side pass with right hand, inside turn, then he goes under
  • Her walk around him, underarm turn
  • Quarter turn to his left
  • Sweetheart with his left hand, underarm turn to her right
  • Right-side pass, whip with over/underarm turn
  • Behind-the-back pass with double outside turn, change hands
  • Right-side pass with basic salsa move, end with her turning complete circle on left foot, right leg extended, ending in split
  • Overarm turn, start walking on left leg, she taking two steps and turning, he taking two steps with her and two more
  • Sugar with two-hands, swaying toward/away from each other
  • “Pretzel” — turn her, then him, turn her out with right hand
  • Right-hand pass behind back, turn back around her left
  • Left-hand pass with turn into sweetheart
  • Walk forward in sweetheart hold


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