Dream chasing days

Have you ever heard of or met a person who claimed that a radio was playing in his/her thoughts?

I met one person who claimed she heard voices whispering to her who sometimes sang to her but usually gave her strange instructions to say weird stuff to people on purpose, and another who said that her thoughts were full of vivid, more real-than-real wild colours, like living paintings, and people like me were just figments of her imagination — both I assume could be labeled as schizophrenic.

Otherwise, I assume it’s normal to have a jingle or song phrase in our thoughts that repeat happily (or incessantly, depending on your mood).

Today, it’s another two songs’ lyrics that I’m playing with in my thoughts: “all I want to do is have some fun/I get a feeling I’m not the only one,” and “You make a grown man cry-y-y.”

Time to switch over to the storytelling channel, post pictures here later.  Seeya alligator.

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