Nobody’s happy as a goddam idiot

Time to give voice to the other side.

Standing over the Flint River at 19:03, watching cardinals and then bats while listening to Alice In Chains, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Nirvana on my Soundgarden channel on Pandora, sweat pouring down my back…


“I won’t preach to you…if it helps you I won’t stop…go save yourself”  — lyrics from an unknown band ripping holes in my eardrums. Audioslave?

Today is the day to feed mosquitoes.

Today is an “I don’t care” day.

May the fires of hell descend and scorch the earth…oh wait, we’re doing it to ourselves already? Lol rofl

The grass is always greener.

The beauty of measured insanity is scheduling a moment like this, giving enough of a flying fuck or frying duck to say I hate my marriage!!!!!!!!!!

And my wife has known that for decades.

My insanity is in the way of rhetorical happiness.

Fuck it.  I have no life, no special place that is fun that my wife doesn’t think is some conspiracy.   Yeah, that’s love.

Back to my miserable hovel, the nest where I go to observe my wife, thinking 10 chess moves ahead, planning our steps in advance so I can pretend in public we have a special rapport.

Oh, it’s special all right.

Hahahahahaha……I’m crazy.

Black holes are tearing holes in the visible universe.

“See” you on the other side, you shortsighted cretins.

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