Self-realisation, reiterated

Tonight, after a fun West Coast Swing dance lesson by Angel Figueroa, the grand ballroom lights were turned down low and we were invited to show our stuff on the dance floor.

I eyed a beautiful young lady a few times and she eyed me “chair dancing”; that is, I was bouncing in the chair to the beat of the music. She asked me to dance and I learned once more that I love to dance — she was a fantastic follow and made me feel good about myself as a leader — but I am just unable to ask a woman to dance. My wife actually had more men ask her to dance at tonight’s event and for that I am most grateful — this whole adventure in dancing is for her sake, not mine.

Did the St. Louis Rams lose again tonight?

My needs are simple. One dance with a woman other than my wife and I can call the weekend a success!

Are there still three days of dancing left? What am I going to do, sit and watch other people dance? Surely not.

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