The declining interest in listening to politicians because you’re too turned off to vote

As a fictional character, I get confused sometimes.  I forget that the universe is here for my entertainment.

No, seriously.  I really want the universe to be here for your entertainment, doing everything I can to pretend I don’t exist because the entertainment I want is not the entertainment that my subculture has programmed me to want.

Thank goodness, the author who created me allows me to go off on adventures that have nothing to do with whatever we believe reality is supposed to be.

I look back at my fictional ancestry and all I see is devotion to community service — military duty, social clubs, religious worship, etc.

The only way I can look back is because there was a child who was born into community service, a child who became an adult and conceived another child.

The one illusion of continuity that is hard to deny exists.

You know what I mean.

Take the images below, familiar to anyone who’s taken a psychology class:

Continuity illusion

Can you take anything away from the images that haven’t already been taken away and still imagine you see a circle, line, triangle and/or square/rectangle?  Do the black segments look punched out of the white background?  Are you looking for a hidden meaning like a word or reversed image?

That’s the same set of questions I ask about my existence.

Can I take it anymore?

There’s only a small segment of the population I directly influence as a fictional character broadcast out into the Internet world, limited to hypertext in all its hyper implications and programmed representations.

But that doesn’t stop me from being.

In the next chapter/blog entry, I’m taking a sharp turn away from the storylines currently in progress, wondering what and why I’m exploring storylines that have nothing to do with the implied direction my subcultural training is supposed to take me.

I’m not into managing my image but I do concern myself with managing expectations, surprising you only when it looks like you’re ready to be surprised even when you’re not.

Talk to you again soon.

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