Sweeter than Sweet

The Mad Hatter stuck his head out of a starboard porthole.

“Where are going? It doesn’t look like the way to Wonderland to me!”

Lindbergh turned to Earhart. “You know you might get a reputation for getting lost.”

“No sirree, Chuck.  We’re running straight and true, tacking in the jet stream but on course and on time.”

Lindbergh ran a calloused finger across a weathered map.

Scribbled along the outside was a note in faded ink: “Seek ye the candy land in Olde Bavaria.”

“Are we after the fabled woods filled with Black Forest Cake?”

Amelia gave Charles the thumbs up sign.

The Mad Hatter frowned. “Did someone mention food? I could go with a cup of tea.”

“Brew us some, will ya?”


After the Hatter left the bridge, Lindbergh leaned toward Earhart.  “Look, enough with the secrecy.  We’ve got to fight crime, stop a war, make our fortunes and save drowning babies.  Tell me…what are your plans?”

“Of course, of course. We’ve received a distress signal from a stranded traveler who was sent to fight the evil socialistic candy queen and her regime of plaque monsters.”

“No! Not the arbiters of tooth decay!”


“We may not be prepared.”

“Pshaw. I have stashed onboard a large supply of fluoride, said to protect against tooth decay.”

“What about plaque? That stuff is pretty nasty!”

“That’s where the Mad Hatter comes in. I need him to introduce the concept of capitalism.”


“If he can convince the citizens of Bavaria to trade their sweet stuff for more healthy foods…”

“Healthy? Like boiled pork or a big juicy ribeye…”

An explosion shook the airship.

To be continued…

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