13 Sept 2013 Dr Emil Jovanov. UAH alumni lunch n learn

13 Sept 2013 Dr Emil Jovanov. UAH alumni lunch n learn. Opening by David Kingsbury, UAH Alumni president

BIO: Dr. Emil Jovanov, received bachelor and doctorate from Univ of Belgrade. http://www.ece.uah.edu/~jovanov; emil.jovanov@.edu

Dr. Jovanov teaches and supports realtime and embedded systems, wearable and ubiquitous monitoring, senior student design: education and playground, technology commercialization, new products and businesses such as SmartBottle…AdhereTech (www.adheretech.com)

Ubiquitous Health Monitoring – wireless body area network [WBAN] (2005) Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation

WBAN via Zigbee connects to personal server (smartphone) integrates via GPRS/Bluetooth/WLAN with Internet for access to/by weather forecast, emergency, caregiver, medical server and physician

diabetics monitor blood sugar level, doctor can see if you walked as much as you said, when you ate, etc.; ECG

mHealth – http://portal.mhealth.uah.edu/public/index.php
— stress monitoring for nurses, etc.

WBAN includes SmartBottle approach:

in 1994, est. that $100B cost to economy for taking medicine incorrectly; $300B increased costs, $100B lost revenue
MDs/pharmacists need accurate monitoring method; patients need secure system.
— typical use: pill boxes don’t account for “Take on full/empty stomach”
— automated pill boxes based on time
— RFIDs — acid in stomach will activate chip in pill; smartphone will record info; expensive approach, good for specialised drugs

Great potential for smart pill bottle
— Robert Gold, R. Ph, MBA, Newburgh, Indiana
— Prototype development, senior design team:
=> Sreca Jovanov -HW and Sensor Dev
=> Charles Acker – Embedded and PC SW
=> Michael King – Embedded SW

UAH Patent; MBA Graduate project at Wharton School of Business

Completely wireless system; communication between SmartBottle, Reminder Unit, Home Server, and Remote Server; automated reminders and monitoring of medication

Approaches: initial idea – weight measurement but mechanical issues were potentially problematic; breakthrough – capacitive measurement of pills in bottle C=A*e/d (conductive plates (A) sandwiching dielectric medium (d)); measuring capacitive response of empty bottle; smart bottle prototype in spring 2007, connected CVS bottle with unit including wireless module — proof of concept worked – good linear plot of data with 2-3% error (e.g., 2 to 3 pills out of 100); US Patent issued in 2011; SmartBottle Development 2012 update: Test system, AD7745 capacitance to digital converter, accuracy: +/- 4 fF (femtofarads (10 to minus 15th power)); evaluation of patterns and designs – have to compromise total capacitance against accuracy of pill measurement

AdhereTech – winner of 2013 Healthcare Innovation World Cup

Reader’s Digest, September 2013, one of 20 MindBlowing Medical Breakthroughs, technology should be available by September of 2014

Wireless in the bottle (Verizon); measures and send open/close of bottle; 45 day battery = no charge

Nontech savvy – use bottle as regular bottle
Tech savvy – text/email reminder, etc.

Helps monitor: Forgetfulness; purposely omitted pill taking; low priority conduct

Pharma: captures percentage of increased revenues, especially for clinical trials of extremely-expensive medication

Hospitals: used to make money on readmissions but no more — want to reduce readmissions; hospitals penalised 1% CMS payments for readmissions (`$14000/year) with higher penalties in following years; poor adherence to drug plan is most common reason patients are readmitted. CHF: 25% readmission rate; heart attack: 20% readmission rate; pneumonia:18% readmission rate; more diseased states penalized every year

Provides aggregate adherence data for healthcare pros; personal data for patients

Examples of Secured deals: Walter Reed Natl Military Med Ctr; Weill Cornell Medical College; Univ of Michigan

Competitors: Vitality GlowCaps; Proteus Digital Health; plain/automated Pill boxes; Adherence smartphone/tablet apps

Pilot clinical trials start in 2014

Benefits include passive intrusion, no change to current pill users’ behaviour.

Strong IP, team, business models and traction in media!

==> info@AdhereTech.com: Featured in WSJ, TIME, WIRED, TEDMED, Fast Company, TechCrunch, MEDCITY, the Atlantic, StartUpHealth, Blueprint Health, GIGAOM, Xconomy

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