Microcomputer scheduling software

All the planning in the world does no good without executing/implementing the plan.

Would you rather feel tired working for yourself or feel tired working for someone else?

Managing the affairs of a planet means that winning and losing are meaningless labels because life is a series of changes to states of energy.

Like being a game referee with no ties to anyone or any institution associated with the game.

We have shared this referee responsibility to give us the thousands of years we needed to come as close to perfecting the scientific art of planet management as is humanly possible, aided by our electromechanical wonders, in preparation for setting up permanent residence on Mars.

Creating financial stair steps for tourists to reach space, circle near-Earth orbits, holiday in the Moon colonies, make trips around Mars and land on Mars itself took centuries as the planet’s economy created more and more people with excessive wealth seeking new adventures on the backs of technicians, engineers, scientists, governments and VCs eager to please.

On a local level, our daily interactions enriched our lives and gave some of us the impetus to reach for the stars, while many more cheered us on or were completely unaware of our goals, let alone our intent, to leave this planet.

We were happy.

We ARE happy, happy that frivolous expenditures exposed in the light of sane mass media analysis may soon be diverted for more fruitful endeavours such as feeding and educating the poor, providing a larger base of trained children willing to continue their learning and make our species, along with whatever accompanying ecosytem is necessary to sustain us, less likely to disappear because of a single planetary catastrophe.

Let us, while playing with marketing tools for future Martian missions, return to Mars and see where our protagonists find themselves decades after events currently taking place progress ever onward.


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