Learning and doing

Reminder to self no. 1000000.

While the noise of a television channel blares, filling the silence of an automobile repair shop, I review last night’s thoughts.

My wife pays for dancing lessons in order to put me in a showcase at Madison Ballroom. Thus, the dance instructors ensure they involve my wife in the choreography practice sessions (even though she is not in the showcase) so she will not fall behind. Yet, she and I never dance very often at local clubs or ballrooms.

I am comfortable in the presence of my wife but I am not desirous of dancing with her.

I find I do not feel validated as a man by her, mainly because she does not desire to make herself look physically attractive for me.

It becomes a descending cycle of loss of physical contact between us.

After 27 years of marriage and 40 years of knowing each other, the familiarity of this cycle has become the norm between us.

I continue reducing my weight anyway, a mild form of physical discipline nowhere near the old military workouts of old.

Discipline in all areas of my life may improve in response.

It’s the big picture on which I focus, allowing personal thoughts to pass through this blog seamlessly.

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