Walking to the bus to catch a ride to work

Today we were scheduled to give you an update on our Kickstarter campaign but our Creative Arts department had secretly accepted a contract to make propaganda posters for a government that goes without saying and said government pushed forward its publishing deadline due to changes in global politics.

We think the real excuse is the art department’s employees spending last night and today breaking down the subliminal messages hidden in the video, I Don’t Need a Reason, by Dizzee Rascal.

However, just because our ISP has documented logs that Dizzee’s video had been viewed and downloaded more often than Blurred Lines over the Labour Day weekend does not mean proof of cause is in the correlation pudding.

For you, the readers, the bottom line is this: an empty bottom line.

Time for this author to take apart an old computer for a future yard sculpture display — he may be bad at reading signs and signals between members of his species but he can always analyse electronic messages and hug his cats to meet his minimal companionship needs.

Salami, or as they say in Gaelic, c’est la vie!

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