Working on posture

After watching the self-filmed video of myself Lindy hopping with my shadow at the dance studio this afternoon, I SEE what I look like – a slouch!

I know why Joe, Jenn and Abi have been telling me, “Stand up straight!”

Time for fixing my bent-over back.

I’m just glad I’ve 26 pounds since the first of the year.  I want to get down to 215 pounds by the 21st of September.  I’m at 218 now, well within range.  Maybe I should make 200 a stretch goal and 205/210 intermediate targets?

Can this blog have any influence on reality?  What if I said that I’m envious of men who have humbly joined in matrimony with their Church of God wives who dress modestly?  Would I see more of them shopping at Walmart the next couple of days or, as I’ve commented before, writing about it draws my attention to subcultures that aren’t part of my daily life?

I’ve been told I’m a role model for others whether I want to be or not because I let my light shine, in good [mental/physical] weather or bad, in my words, images, videos and links to your wonderful lives/stories.  The role I play in your lives is whatever you want it to be — I thank you for your consideration of any influence I may give you because the seven-plus billion people on this planet influence me in so many different directions I have no way to count.

The little boy and the postsecondary school party guy inside me can’t believe they co-exist in this middle-aged guy who’s miraculously still alive and discovering what life is all about in this vast universe.

For those reasons, I’m practicing how to stand up straight and overcome the pain in between my shoulder blades that runs up through my shoulders and neck.

For you and you alone (the cats don’t care), I’m willing to overcome slouching.

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