My life forever changed…

I was a typical teenager in high school, discovering life with fellow students, when a new teacher appeared, both my homeroom teacher and English composition/drama class teacher.

She had the hots for me but I was just smart, naive and ignorant enough to avoid her advances.

However, she finally bedded a student younger than me, got pregnant, married the student and lives with him in Tampa where he is a television news anchor.

Her advances confused my sense of propriety and teacher/student roles we assign each other for conveniences of social engagement.

Certainly, intimate relationships don’t always obey the decorum of staying within your age bracket.

But, as a writer, the possibilities of what goes through the thoughts of those involved are entertaining.

For example, switch genders and ask yourself if the sociopathic mindset is any more or less intriguing of one such as Hannibal the Cannibal when female: Tampa, the novel.

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