Headline news, the “angry black guy” edition

How many times have I read my conservative/Republican friends say “ho hum, what a worthless bum” whenever the BO in the White House speaks in repetitively boring “I’m an angry black man and will show it by once again not accomplishing anything constructive” figurehead speech?

Until now, I had written off my friends’ comments as just so much sour grapes.

But they’ve shown me the light.

They’re right. There is something rotten in the state of Denmark and it’s the stench from Washington, DC, floating over the Atlantic, carrying the smell of BO, his West Coast cronies, and their immature, holier-than-thou attitude.

May BO’s technology geeks watch as their inventions cook this planet.

May all the men with female friends/relatives who’ve suffered sex abuse in the U.S. military, and those who were killed/maimed by the Boston bombers — radical Islamic terrorist immigrants enjoying government welfare (but not yet Obamacare?) while BO was in office — remember it was Barack Hussein Obama who let them down, now and forever more, amen.

President Obama, you have let us all down. May history teach us this lesson: a fast-tracked leader is no leader at all, only a cardboard cutout of false hope and change. Some will try to keep hanging their hat on that image.

I am an angry white guy who is very pissed off right now, looking for every unturned rock to defend my parents’ opinion of the POS POTUS in office.

We will, however, continue brain research and other positive pursuits, such as increased fuel mileage, so you haven’t been a complete waste of breath and expensive vacations for your wife and kids. It ain’t much but it’ll have to do.

One day, a grown up kid like me who loves Tricky Dick Nixon will still see “Dodge responsibilities” Barry Obama as his favourite president and visit the Obama Library in Kenya, or Malaysia, or…

Scary, huh?

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