A reader asked what’s my secret to a wonderful life.

Well, I don’t know the reader’s secret to a wonderful life.

What I learned from my guru, and has worked for me, is this: whenever you feel down in the dumps, depressed or suicidal, order a few killings eliminations terminations radical shifts in the state of living of sets of states of energy to cheer you up; nothing like the comparative misery of others to pull you right back up out of the doldrums and give you great candidates for this year’s Darwin Awards.

In that category, mobile phone texting while driving people nuts (i.e., over the edge of sanity/safety) is our best invention yet — between distracted driving, road rage and internalized anger turned to angst/depression/suicide, the entertaining death rate rivals austerity measures for producing humorous material.

What’s next?

The worshippers of the god of Tragicomedy are dying to find out.

The god is getting bored.

The next fun surprise is just around the corner.

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