21 Questions Adhere To The Wall

Only 13,519 days to go.  Is that still the 6th of May 2050?

The backward science on this planet in the the second decade of what some call their 21st century frequently tries my patience.

Just like this momentary search for a map (found it!) and what it means (yet to be found) but tying it to the date given to me, the 6th of May 2050, makes some if not more sense.  Does the camel saddle in the bottom of the sea chest have a meaning?

Living in the zeitgeist is all we have, isn’t it, because somehow, some way, we are attached to the local environment in which our sets of states of energy prove the concept of the conservation of mass.

I borrowed six books from the library and have need to spend time reading them.  I will list their titles later today or in the week.

I am floating in the artificial cloud of happiness, content that, no matter the habits of fellow writers, I am me, having written well, poorly, or not at all.

Will it truly be 20-year old proven technology that ends up on the Moon and Mars for risktaking, adventurous pioneers and settlers to survive with/upon?  If not, what is the ultimate “firmware” that can be reprogrammed in realtime like Transformer bots that have no final, definite shape, form and function(s)?

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