Put to the test…

Using the warrantless wiretapping law against the ones who passed it, the Lawmakers Watch Institute now tracks not only the location of lawmakers but also audio and video of their locations, including conversations, body language and secret discussions with lobbyists (both friends and family) through their, their assistants’ and nearby mobile phones, using cloud technology that can piece together fragmented scenes/sounds such as wall/window vibrations; electronic interference with the IT wired networks running beneath floors and in walls/ceilings; shiny surface reflections such as oily skin, eyeballs/glasses, mirrored and metal jewelery; and interbody waveform exchanges invisible to the naked eye, creating a virtual 3D space-and-time tracking system of nearly the whole subset of the global population using or in close proximity to mobile phones, webcams, closed-circuit video, interactive TV and the Internet of Things in general.

In other words, for you lonely people out there, rest assured that you are not alone — your mobile technology is watching your back.

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