A closed system, continued

In regards to the end of the world or repeating cycles…

If the air I breathe is made of the the same basic elements as the air the dinosaurs breathed, has anything really changed in the last 65 million years of our [essentially] closed environment of a solar system?

If I see a gun as a tool rather than as a deadly weapon, why should I change perspectives when others tell me from their perspective that a gun is or has been used against them as a deadly weapon?

What cultural signposts are you paying attention to?

From what theoretical distance?

What makes yet another skyscraper any different than (or different from) the mountains from which their elements were mined?

A chipmunk, like generations before it, scampers along the edge of the wooden deck next to the house, staying hidden from predators while looking for food, watched by me like countless others, except this time recorded on an iPad in a fabricated sunroom attached to a wood-sided house in a designed subdivision of a suburban tract near a local metropolitan area.

The chipmunk has no knowledge of what makes the sound in the sky above, a propellor-driven airplane above the low afternoon clouds, but has more of a clue about the set of states of energy we call a cardinal that is chirping nearby.

What does our current round of civilisation-building have that previous builders did not?

A chipmunk does not have to justify its actions using the same nesting and food material available to it as to its ancestors, the landscape changing shape with weather conditions and the actions of nearby species such as us, cardinals, squirrels, snails, mosquitoes, and the most recent visitors, armadillos.

Why do we spend so much time justifying our actions in regards to our use of the bounties of harvest?

What makes our civilisation special, better or worse than previous ones?

The illusion of a view from the future might tell us what, why and when…

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