Arbitrarily aligned symbols is not numerology

Where were you when that thing happened at 12:12:20.12 on 12/12/2012?

In which time zone?

With whom?

A dozen friends’ dozen friends with 2012 strangers?

Will 11/12/13 be lucky or unlucky for you? How about 2013 in general?

What does 3/7/13 have in store for gamblers?

Does 3/10/13 make sense or cents to astrologers? Or should you pay more attention to 10/3/13? 6/7/13? 7/6/13?

Roll a six on 5/2/13 to win it all!

Avoid shooting snake eyes on days that equal 11.

Go for boxcars on days that equal 2.

January 1st is an especially good day for activities that equal 11, however don’t wear the same shoes on both feet or look at a double mirror reflection of yourself.

Walk backwards on 3/1/13 or face your enemy’s victory in spades and shovels in the 13th hour on the 31st.

Ones and threes are pivot points all next year so be ready for many twists and turns.

Give assistance to three people in need and one will return the favour three times over.

Caution will warn you only once for troubles that will plague you three times next year.

Those who circle the planet 13 times in 2013 count as friends only in a clockwise direction where latitudes and longitudes balance each other.

Be kind to animals with 13 toes.

Avoid the stare of a spider with 13 eyes.

On New Year’s Eve, begin the countdown to 2013 at 13 or your family will suffer countless maladies until 2031.

Happiness will fill the lives of people who have 13 close relatives, more so if at least one friend has 13 close relatives with at least two aged in 13-year increments.

Treat your 13-year old children like royalty next year for the way you treat them will come back to you 13-fold for the next 13 generations.

Thirteen-year old triplets of single mothers are a special treat for those who know or meet them next year.

Anyone 26 or 39 years old should think twice or three times about matrimonial bonds in 2013.

Someone with 13 stitches will make noise — listen carefully to the number of syllables spoken — the first, third and thirteenth will tell you your fortune for the next 13 seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years.

Multiply 13 by 13 and someone will die.

Thirteen leaders will fail — the 14th will succeed.

Use the full set of letters in the alphabet to double your wishes.

Make no important decisions at 20:13 all year long.

Your 13th blessing will be your best next year so be thankful for the first 12.

The 13th item in a stack will come as a surprise when you least expect it, but most often when your thoughts have wandered 13 times.

A list with 13 points is a curse.

Your 13th online social connection will reveal a clue about you.

Count to 13 when you want to feel special but never after the 13th meal of the same food in a row.

Thirteen cubed has power over three entities one time.

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