Sad Grief — reposted

From Ashleigh Brilliant via email:

The payoffs on my election bet did not come all at once, but have been arriving in dribs and drabs. (And where chocolate is concerned, a drib is just as good as a drab.) Thanks to all of you who lost the bet and have sent, or are sending, their $5 worth of chocolate.  As I told you, I have special emotional need of it just now. Dorothy and I have been together for 45 years, and are currently going through one of those well-known life crises This is the one that involves failing health of a spouse. Dorothy can no longer safely take care of herself . You may remember that just three months ago, her driving license was revoked. For the past month, she has been in an “assisted living” facility, but she wants to come home, and to have caregivers come in at certain hours. But she has been a world-class hoarder, and our house in its current condition is hardly suitable for such a lifestyle. This problem is worth all the chocolate I can apply to it.Since such transitions are traditionally a source of grief, and this one certainly is hitting me quite hard, please let me share with you a piece called BAD GRIEF which I wrote some years ago. It’s attached, but if you can’t read it, I’ve also put it on the Writings page of my website at

All the best,
Ashleigh Brilliant

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